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The trip I took through India in November of 2018 with my friend Sam is one of the most amazing adventures I’ve been on. We explored seven cities in total. Our fourth city, Bengaluru, had some of the most spectacular street foods of the entire trip. These are my top 10 Indian street foods in Bengaluru, India!

1. Dosa with Potato Filling at Vidyarthi Bhavan

One of the best dosas I had in Bengaluru was at a popular restaurant called Vidyarthi Bhavan. It’s covered in ghee and is flaky and crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside. The dosa and potato filling with the sambar and the coconut chutney was a flavor explosion in my mouth!

2. Kara & Kesari Bath at Vidyarthi Bhavan

This next Indian street food is made up of two separate dishes: Kara Bath and Kesari Bath. Kara Bath is a savory and spicy semolina dish, and Kesari Bath is a sweet semolina dish made with sugar, ghee, and milk. When eaten together, they balance each other out and create a sweet, spicy, and savory mixture!

3. Spicy Non-Veg Food at Shivaji Military Hotel

Shivaji Military Hotel is famous for its spicy, non-veg food. Among the highlights are the mutton biryani, cucumber salad, chicken fry, mutton dry, chilli chicken, and liver. My favorite was the liver, which was tender and buttery and served in a delicious gravy!

4. Thatte Idli on VV Puram Food Street

One of the best dishes you’ll find at VV Puram Food Street is the Thatte Idli, which is three or four times the size of a regular idli. It’s served with spicy coconut and tomato chutneys that make this dish a gamechanger!

5. Floating Pani Puri on VV Puram Food Street

A little further along VV Puram Food Street, you’ll find a stall selling Floating Pani Puri, which is Pani Puri that’s floating in a plate of pani or jaljeera water. It has a spicy kick and the jaljeera water adds a whole new element that feels familiar and new at the same time!

6. Nitrogen Wafer on VV Puram Food Street

One of the big attractions along VV Puram Food Street is the nitrogen wafer. This is a wafer that’s frozen in liquid nitrogen. When you put it in your mouth, it releases vapor that makes you look like you’re breathing smoke! It’s quite a spectacle!

7. Dosa with Aloo Masala at CTR

Next up is the dosa with aloo masala at CTR. The dosa is thin and crispy in some spots, and soft and doughy in others. The aloo masala combined with the mint and coconut chutneys gives it an undeniable southern Indian flavor profile!

8. Southern Indian Thali at Nagarjuna Restaurant

The southern Indian thali at Nagarjuna Restaurant is served on a banana leaf and contains ghee rice, palya, Chicken Nagarjuna, dal with spinach, peanut chutney, payasam, and more. It’s so aromatic it’ll have you drooling before you even take a bite!

9. Sheek Sambo Rolls at Shahi Kabab

My first beef experience in India was with the Sheek Sambo Rolls at Shahi Kabab, which consist of 6 tender and juicy beef kebabs that are wrapped in a roti with a mound of onions. The meat is perfectly seasoned and the dish as a whole is super hearty, tasty, and filling!

10. Chicken Shawarma at Empire Restaurant

The tenth and final food on my list is the chicken shawarma at Empire Restaurant. The chicken is cooked on a vertical rotisserie and placed in a slightly charred pita with coleslaw and a spicy yogurt sauce. All together, it makes a crunchy, creamy, and spicy chicken wrap that is out of this world!

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