Molecular Gastronomy – Molecu-light Dressing

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How to make Coffee Caviar | Molecular Gastronomy Style Espresso Bubbles

Today I’m showing you how to make coffee caviar. This is a very simple molecular gastronomy technique for making these little espresso bubbles that are great for adding flavour and a different texture to desserts. […]

Cranberry Fluid Gel | Molecular Gastronomy Gourmet Plating Technique

This is a recipe for a super simple cranberry fluid gel. Both tart and sweet it pairs perfectly with loads of Christmas and winter desserts as well as with savoury mains like duck and venison. […]

Molecular Gastronomy: Frozen Reverse Spherification to Make Spheres with Liquid Inside

Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at Learn how to easily make perfectly shaped spheres with liquid inside with Frozen Reverse Spherification, a variation of the molecular gastronomy technique developed by Chef Ferran […]