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I pranked Jeana with one of the hottest hot pepper extracts on the market today. It is 2,000,000 scoville units. 100x hotter than a jalapeno pepper! It is not a sauce and should only be used as an additive, 1 drop per gallon of sauce. I put way more than a drop in each piece of her sushi. It was the perfect food to prank her with because with sushi, you always put a whole piece in your mouth at a time. She thought it was hotter than normal because she was eating spicy tuna. Once it kicked in, her whole face turned red and she was freaking out! She kept screaming, trying to figure out what she could do or eat to make the hottness go away, but the only thing that was helping was time. The ice cream might have helped too as she was chewing it. I guess I’m lucky she didn’t get too mad at me because she has pranked me with food so many times.