Top 10 Food to Gain Weight

Top 10 food to gain weight

With the era of size zero behind us, one needs to concentrate on how to maintain a healthy physique. This list shall guide the uninitiated on how to gain weight, using the following 30 natural food items.
1. Salmon
Including two or more servings of salmon everyday will ensure proper protein absorption and eventual weight gain. The essential oils protect against physical wear and tear and ensure better fat absorption.
2. Chicken Breasts
Grill some chicken breasts and top them up with mayonnaise for a healthy salad lunch. Not only is it delicious to taste, but is nutritious enough to induce some healthy weight gain too.
3. Eggs
The richest source of dietary protein, replete with a high concentration of amino acids, eggs are a must-have if you want to gain weight. Egg yolks are high in good cholesterol and are potent in calories. Including two eggs a day will help you gain weight faster.
4. Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese, made of full-cream milk, is the perfect soluble dietary protein for vegetarians. Its whey proteins and casein content tend to supply the body with enough calories to help you gain weight faster.
5. Oatmeal
A bowl of oatmeal is the perfect nutritious breakfast. High in fibre, it provides the body with a ready supply of essential nutrients. Top it up with some cream, nuts and bananas and you have a recipe for healthy living.
6. Brown Rice
Brown rice is a ready source of dietary carbohydrates, packed with a healthy dose of fibre. Regular consumption of brown rice will enhance the carbohydrate reserves and help you gain weight faster.
7. Pasta
A decadent bowl of creamy pasta is the perfect comfort food. Not only is it filling, but its high carbohydrate content results in better assimilation of nutrients and aids in weight gain.
8. Bananas
The easiest fruit ruse for gaining weight faster is to gobble down two or more bananas a day. Bananas are a careful mixture of complex and simple fruit sugars and are replete in soluble carbohydrates. Not only do they provide instant energy, but a healthy consumption can also aid in mass and weight gain.
9. Potatoes
Root vegetables like potatoes are rich sources of carbohydrates and complex sugars. When consumed in excess, they tend to result in healthy fat deposition. Consuming a sizeable portion of baked or grilled potatoes in salad, sandwiches and other meals, will help in putting on weight faster.
10. Almonds
Almonds are essentially food for nervous development, but can also be used as healthy alternatives for gaining weight. Consuming a handful of almonds everyday will aid in preserving physical functions and nervous stability.