Top 10 Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

New Amsterdam Travel Video- We present our Top Ten Dutch foods that you must try when you’re in Amsterdam. In this tasty video we’ll show you foods that are unique and the most popular in Amsterdam, so you can eat yourself through the city like a local on your next visit. Gessell shows you traditional foods like herring and craft beer; snack foods like Belgian fries, bitterballen and fried bites you can get from a vending machine; and sweet Dutch treats like stroopwafels, pancakes, poffertjes and oliebollen. Eet Smaakelijk!!!

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Best Apple Pie- Cafe Papeneiland
Also in the tea room of the Smallest House in
Herring- sold in stalls in squares and streets all over town
Best Pancakes- Pancake Baker
FEBO- pick up fried foods from vending machines at various
locations in he city
Oliebollen- from food trucks and stands all over town from
November through January.
Best Belgian Fries- Vleminckx
Poffertjes- Albert Cuyp Street Market and various festivals
Best Craft Beer- In de Wildeman
De Prael Brewery
Oedipus Brewing
Best Bitterballen: De Ballen Bar
(located in De Foodhallen

Stroopwafels: Albert Cuyp Street Market and other markets

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