Play With Your Food ASMR Style (High Quality Sound, preparing, cooking, eating Sounds)


(In a soft whisper voice) Hello my Friends, In this video, I am preparing, cooking, mixing, chopping and making a host of other food sounds. Also, included in this video are some eating sounds.

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Many people ask “What is ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?”

All the ASMR videos are about creating trigger sounds or visuals that stimulate responses of well being, bliss, relaxation and a host of other joyful expressions. Only a small percentage of people are triggered by these sounds and visuals. Which makes everyone else wonder why on earth we are listening and watching these videos.

Do you ever hear sounds that make you feel relaxed? White noise, people talking in the distance, repetitive sounds? Did your parents ever read books or tell you stories until you fell asleep? Did the sound of their voice make you feel safe and comfortable and it didn’t really matter what they were saying…and you gently drifted off to sleep? Other sounds include drawing sounds, brushing, rubbing, tearing, tapping, crinkling, crushing sounds. I really enjoy the relaxing sounds of walking on dried leaves and pebbles as I walk through the park.

Sometimes people are triggered by visual images as well. Like watching someones hands doing something repetitive, like squishing clay or making something. For others the trigger is a deep since of connection with someone, which includes lots of eye contact, soft speaking and/or whispering and being payed attention to in detail. So, many of these videos revolve around role playing such as personal grooming, hair cutting, shampooing hair, applying nail polish, giving a massage or facial or even, doing a personal exam, like an eye or ear exam.

For those of you who are new to ASMR, please keep an open mind. Not everyone experiences this phenomenon.


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**Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, tingles and entertainment only. This video does not attempt replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep, anxiety, depression or psychological issues please consult your physician for treatment.

Thank you. ~ Sophie