Molecular Gastronomy: Ultra-thin Shrimp Tortilla

Get edible film at This ultra-thin and crunchy tortilla is packed with strong ocean flavors. Inspired by molecular gastronomy Chef Dani García from restaurant Calima in Spain, the tortilla is made with fried ultra-thin edible film, dried nori powder, dried shrimp powder and fresh shrimp. Get full recipe at

This is another great application of ultra-thin edible films. In this recipe we show you how to make the ultra-thin edible film crunchy by ‘gluing’ a few films with egg white and then frying them for a few seconds. The possibilities are endless and you can use this technique as a base for a wide variety of flavorful appetizers with a modernist twist. Its lightness will not only surprise your diners but will also allow the toppings’ flavors to be the star of the dish.

Get some edible film at and create the ultimate modernist canapé!