Molecular Gastronomy: Soy Sauce Crystal with Edible Film

Get edible film at In this molecular gastronomy recipe we show you how to create crystals from liquids with the incredible edible film introduced into the modernist kitchen by Chef Ferran Adria. The end result is an ultra-thin, crispy and translucent tuile infused with the flavoring liquid.

The process is very simple and you just need ultra-thin edible film and a dehydrator. Just spray the edible film with the desired liquid and dehydrate it for 12 hours to make it crispy. To add crunchiness and make it less fragile, it is recommended to overlay 3 edible films; it will still be very thin. Use very flavorful liquids or reduce them first to concentrate the flavor so the resulting crystal paper has the desired taste and aromas. In this case we use soy sauce, which is perfect for this application.