Molecular Gastronomy: Deconstructing Dinner

Centrifuges, liquid nitrogen, and food dehydrators are kitchen staples for chefs of the molecular gastronomy movement. With the latest culinary technology, drawing on equal parts art and science, pioneers like Chicago’s own Homaro Cantu (moto, iNG) and Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next) have deconstructed dinner (and diners’ expectations) of what food should look and taste like. Hear more about molecular gastronomy, which takes its cues from scientific studies of the physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking, and learn how technology is changing the dining experience. iNG’s executive chef, Thomas Bowman, uses this program as a launchpad for a lively lecture-demonstration featuring his take on technology, modernist cuisine, and the extraordinary capabilities of the “miracle berry.”

This program is generously underwritten by Mary and Carl Boyer.