Molecular Gastronomy: Basic Spherification to Make Caviar

Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at Learn how to make juice caviar with Basic Spherification, a molecular gastronomy technique developed by Chef Ferran Adria. This video shows you the possibilities of basic spherification, how it works and how to make spherification caviar with a syringe or a caviar maker.

The Caviar Maker has 96 pipettes connected to a syringe releasing 96 drops into the calcium bath in the same amount of time you would be releasing just one drop using a syringe or squeeze bottle. You can get the caviar maker at

Basic Spherification can be used to make small caviar-like spheres or large spheres. However, it is mostly used to make caviar spheres since the viscosity of the bath is thin allowing the small droplets to cohere into a spherical shape in the bath and the spheres don’t stick together as in reverse spherification.

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