Minecraft top 10 food banners! With tutorial!

Hey guys and welcome to my top 10 banner design video this time its food!!! Lovely lovely food. A like and comment are greatly appreciated and feel free to share what your favorite banner is either in this video or somewhere else! Also be sure to submit you banner creations in the comments below or tweet me @Behrzilla Thanks a lot!

►How to create a banner and submit it to me—
●Overall its easy you can create your banner on needcoolshoes.com/banners … when you have created your masterpiece simply copy the link and post it in the comments below! It may not appear in the comment section right away as youtube may count it as spam but dont worry I always check the spam comments on top 10 banners episodes so I still will be sure to check it out 😀

►Random Banner Facts—
● Apple for banners is golden notch apple so that’s an apple surrounded by gold blocks
●Creeper head is found by exploding a super charged creeper next to another creeper
●You can duplicated banners by putting the base color banner with your final banner in a crafting table 😀


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►For those who actually read this far down a decided to give you a random fact of the day from mentalfloss.com because why not?

“Each glass panel on the Grand Canyon Skywalk can support 800 people, despite being only 2.5 inches thick.”

There you go dont you feel knowledgeable now? No? Me neither.