`Foodgaagi Fight` : Debate over BSF Jawan's Allegation as Bad Quality Food

TV9 Discussion: `ಫುಡ್ ಗಾಗಿ ಫೈಟ್` : Debate over BSF Jawan’s Allegation as Bad Quality Food – Full….,

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NEW DELHI: Home minister Rajnath Singh sought a detailed report from the Border Security Force (BSF) on allegations of substandard food being served to soldiers deployed along the India-Pakistan border.

“I have seen a video regarding a BSF jawan’s plight. I have asked the home secretary to immediately seek a report from the BSF and take appropriate action,” Rajnath wrote in a tweet today.

The home minister was referring to videos shared by a BSF soldier on social media, which shows the poor quality of food that is allegedly being served to the troops. The jawan claims they have to go “empty stomach” at times when the food is inedible.

“We only get a parantha and tea as breakfast and this is without any pickle or vegetables… we slog for 11 hours and must stand throughout the duty hours. For lunch, we get dal which only has haldi (turmeric) and salt, with roti. This is the quality of the food we get … how can a jawan do his duty?” says constable Tej Bahadur Yadav of the BSF’s 29th battalion in the video.