EXTREME SPICY Noodle Challenge with Sisters !!!

We love our spicy food in the Tamang Family so I knew we had to do the Spicy Noodle Challenge. I think the noodle itself had a kick but it was very sweet. I think a normal Chili loving human could handle it. If you want to try it you can buy them in Amazon. I wanted to add more hot sauce to it because I knew it couldn’t phase these girls. My mom has trained us to eat hot food. I would however caution you guys to try the Dalla pickle sauce. My mom bought that from a Nepali store in Colorado. Just the pint of oil from is like a Volcano lava. Steve was tearing up when he tried it. We call that chili Jyan mara or Dalle in my Country. My mom can eat the whole Dalle but I am not in her level and probably never will. How high is your spice level?!!!

About Dalla Pickle :

Well Hope you guys enjoyed watching us try this Challenge. Thank you for subscribing. We hit a MILLION !!! I am about to get ready to film Halloween videos. Let me know if you have suggestions.