Carnivore Grocery Haul 2: another week of high quality food for less than $65!

In this video I go over a grocery haul of carnivore staples, beef and eggs! 2400 calories per day, 10lbs of 100% Grass Fed ground beef, 2.7 lbs grain finished USDA choice ribeye and 4 dozen organic pastured eggs for 65.00!

I also talk about how I decide which eggs to buy, and what the different types of eggs actually mean. (The only eggs that I believe paying the higher price for are pasture raised or omega 3, with pasture raised being the best, the yolks taste noticeably better)

100% Grass Fed ground beef 3.99 per lb
organic pasture raised eggs 3.50 per dozen
both from Sprouts Farmers Market

USDA choice ribeye steaks 4.77 per lb
from Vons and Safeway are are the same and generally have the same deals

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